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Xgensoft Rental Manager 

"Rental Manager provides great functionality at a fabulous price point.  Xgensoft has redefined 'worth what paid for' in the rental software market with its quality software and outstanding support....If you haven't automated your rental business yet, you should get a copy of Rental Manager today"

- Tim Cahall, The Main Event, Maryland



For "great functionality at a fabulous price point" ...

 Choose Rental Manager!

Rental Manager is integrated Windows-based software designed for small- to mid-size rental businesses.  Use it on a single workstation or in a networked environment with multiple users. 

Cost-effective software that has everything you need to run your rental business smoothly!


Rental Manager 2  (from $799 US)  was released in 2005 and has been updated in each successive year.  It is a sturdy, reliable program for  party/event or small equipment rentals. 

Major features:

  • Quotes, orders, invoices, payments
    • PDF's can be emailed
    • Orders, Invoices can be batch-printed
  • Inventory control/tracking
    • Real-time inventory availability
    • Overbooking notifications and reports
    • Calendar schedule
  • Contact management tools
  • Comprehensive reports -- track all aspects of your business!
    • Menu for Favorite Reports
  • Online maps
  • Barcode inventory scanning
  • Simple accounting via one-button-click export to QuickBooks
    • Batch-send invoices, payments to QB


Rental Manager 3   (from $1399 US) was released in 2007 as a response to customer demand for added functionality.

Major features:

  • All Rental Manager 2 functions (see list above)
  • Your company QR code can be displayed on orders
  • Inventory
    • serial #'s can be scanned into orders
    • Returns can be batch-scanned back in by serial # (even if you don't know the order #)
    • Kitting
      • prevents overbooking kit components
    • Scan inventory by QR code (or bar code)
    • Inventory maintenance scheduling, tracking
  • Cycle billing
  • Optional paintball features
  • Drivers' License scanning (Scanshell peripheral available separately)
  • Recent features!           
    • Truck Loading screen   
    • Group Payment screen
    • Subrentals
    • Inventory Purchase Orders
  • Online Payment Processing -- state-of-the art one-button-click, fully compliant with current EMV standards (U.S.)

Links to Tutorial Videos