About Xgensoft

Xgensoft develops Sensible Software Solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.  As our name suggests, we serve your needs while balancing three key elements:

  • The needs of smaller, progressive organizations to manage efficiently and improve their bottom line.
  • The ability to leverage basic software investments without having to spend a small fortune.
  • Decades of hands-on experience that understands what small business is all about!

Based in Bracebrige, Ontario (north of Toronto) the Xgensoft team is led by Mike Saunders, President(Bio).  Mike works with his wife Diana, Vice President Sales & Marketing, who brings to the company an extensive background in education which augments every aspect of the solutions that we program.

Our involvement with the rental industry started in 2002, when we  designed and created custom rental software for a local rental businesss.  With their cooperaton, we produced our first Rental Manager in 2003.  As our understanding of our users' needs expanded, we developed and released Rental Manager 2 in 2005 (noww obsolete), and Rental Manager 3 in 2007. 

We offer:

  • Xgensoft Rental Manager 3

The demand for software solutions is from front-office needs - and that is what Xgensoft delivers.  

All Xgensoft software operates on Windows 10 and subsequent editions. They are also sold with full online customer support.