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Xgensoft Rental Manager 3 POS

"Rental Manager 3 is reliable and easy to use.  It has everything I need to run my business."

"...the Merchant Warehouse (Cayan) service you recommended has worked out great.  Their web-based terminal is secure and easy to use, not to mention we shaved off a 1/4 percent off transaction fees!"

- Don Pavic, DeeJays Event Rentals, North Carolina


Seamless Integrated Payment Solution (US only)

with Cayan's Genius platform (have a look!)

Cayan is an industry-leading payment processor with an A+ rating from the BBB

Think about get your rental program and your payment program all in one package!Saves time, saves money.  All your information in one place!

You get this discount:

  • $200 rebate on a Rental Manager 3 purchase when you sign up with Cayan

You reap these benefits:

  • Keep your present payment processor and use the Cayan Gateway with RM3 POS
  • OR use Cayan as both your payment processor and gateway
  • use their "meet or beat" rate structure
  • cancel the contract anytime penalty-free
  • increases transaction security
  • reduces compliancy costs

Access the online payment processor directly from Rental Manager's payment screen!

...A button click from Rental Manager activates Cayan'sTM  payment processor...

...Your customer then pays with:

  • debit card
  • credit card
  • gift card, loyalty card
  • virtual wallet
  • other mobile devices

         using Cayan's secure Genius payment processor machine!

Rental Manager retrieves and records all ot Cayan's response information for you.

Your second button click prints your invoice and sales receipt!


 Fast, Efficient, Secure !

 Finally, your third button click sends all the information to Quickbooks.

We really do make it easy!  See for yourself in our payment processing video


Say Yes !!!

"Run Your Business Simply With Xgensoft's Rental Manager 3 POS! 

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